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Vision Care Services

The Routine Vision Care Network and Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) Network were established to provide our members with a discounted cost of obtaining routine vision care. This IS NOT a Blue Cross and Blue Shield vision network. It is your responsibility to verify participation of a vision care provider by checking with the provider's office before you receive services.

Both directories contain our most current listings of providers participating in the Routine Vision Care Provider Network and LASIK Network. We have also included the provider’s name, address, and telephone number.

Routine Vision Care Providers Directory

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LASIK Directory

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FDA Information on LASIK Eye Surgery

Wellness Program

In an effort to help our members become healthier, and to identify areas where they may be at risk, the LGHIB established the Worksite Wellness Program.

Through the Worksite Wellness Program thousands of health risk assessments have been performed. As a result of these screenings, thousands of participants have been referred to healthcare providers for early treatment of identified high risks.

Alabama has one of the highest populations of obese residents in the country and is among the national leaders in the number of days people are unable to work or perform tasks because of illness. In addition, Alabama’s diabetes rate is among the highest in the country. The Worksit Wellness Program is striving to improve the health of its members living in this great state.

Most chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are preventable with diet and lifestyle changes. The Wellness Program’s health coaches have been trained and are experienced in assessing risk factors, providing education, and making recommendations to help its members reach their wellness goals.

All members and their covered spouses participating in Group 30000 are eligible to participate in one worksite wellness screening each year during the wellness qualifying period. This program brings nurses/wellness coaches to various participating unit's locations to screen for cholesterol levels, glucose level, BMI, and blood pressure. If any of the results signify a member is at risk, he or she will receive a physician referral requiring the member to follow-up with his or her personal physician. The copay for the follow-up visit will be waived. Wellness screenings may be performed by a primary care physician or nurse practitioner; however, all applicable co-payments will apply. Participating pharmacies and county health departments are also available to provide wellness screenings at no charge to the member. A link to a list of participating wellness screening pharmacies throughout the state is included below, along with just a few of the other health benefits available to LGHIP members.


The Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) is a short summary of coverage designed by the Department of Health and Human Services. The SBC provides a snapshot of coverage but does not contain all benefits, limits and exclusions provided to you. The SBC does not replace the more detailed summary of benefits found in the plan benefit matrix or a plan benefit booklet provided to you by the SEIB. For detailed plan benefits please view our handbook listed above. To view the Plan's SBC click here.